Thursday, June 29, 2006

on and on and on

a professor told us that life is a dicsussion - that once you entered it youa re obliged to share some of your ideas amongst the other people involved in it, and that whether you stay or leave, the discussion will still go on.


wla lng...totoo nga naman yun. mamatay ka man, meron pa ding life kung hindi man para s'yo e para sa ibang tao. kaya kung ikaw ay masyadong nagpapakalulong sa sadness at depression dahil feeling mo walang kwenta buhay mo, umayos ka. isipin mo na kung aalis ka sa earth madami pa ding matitira na mas masaya. ano namang pakialam nila sa isang katulad mo depres-depresan at lungkot-lungkutan. kaya ang mabuting gawin e tigilan na yang drama na yan dahil mamamatay ka lang ng may wrinkles.

either you opt to join the discussion or not, they wouldn't care. but you should. after all, a discussion goes on and on, and so should you.

Monday, May 29, 2006

magic may be gone

a few months of magic might be ending....

i don't know how...

i don't know why...

maybe we're not that sure about everything...

maybe it's just magic...

it's not reality...

we were disillussioned...

like innocent children...

magic may be fun to watch...

but in the end, you'll realize that you were only fooled...

Friday, May 26, 2006


a conversation during a phone screening i conducted at convergys...

moi: good afternoon! im looking for mr.hernandez. this is ynna from convergys.

guy: yes, hi ynna. this is he speaking.

moi: hi sir, i got your resume from jobstreet yesterday. i would just like to know if you're still willing to pursue you application here at convergys alabang?

guy: of course. that's good to hear.

moi: thanks sir. uhmmm. may i ask a coupla of questions if you don't mind?

guy: sure

(moi askjed a few questions for the screening. they guy seemed good in conversing and is a real potential employee. moi hopes to see the guy for the personal interview...until...)

moi: this would be my last question sir. are you amenable to graveyard shifts?

guy: o, i'm sorry but i'm not.

moi: uhhmmm, sir, here in convergys, we expect our applicants to be willing to work on graveyard shifts because we operate 24/7. and as you see, a customer care representative needs to be flexible because that's what the job calls for.

guy: i'm sorry but that's not negotiable. because, you see, im a single guy and night time is the only time i go out to meet some girls. it's the only good time to look for my prospects.

moi: oh...ok, i guess that would be all sir..just wait for our call in the following days to update your application, ok?

guy: ok, thanks


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

how hard could it be?

i just came from a meeting with my practicum coordinator here at convergys and she gave me an assignment - to write an essay about the carrer path that i want to take.. hehehe...EASY...

but not really.

i am actually an incoming fourth year this semester at uplb under the Communication Arts degree. Supposedly, i should have an idea of what i'm going to be after college, but i dont.

i like to do many things after graduation. first of it is to go to sagada then have an asian cruise. yes, those two things should and must happen after graduation. but after that, i have no idea of where i am suppose to go.

some people are encouraging me to take my aunt's offer of studying MA in Australia. Wow! i'm going to study abroad! now how many people are given that chance!? not much, i suppose. but i'm giving it a second thought for i really do not know what to take up in my masters. i want to teach so probably an MA in education is on sight. i would also want to venture in advertising because it's so much fun (as far as COMA 105 is concerned), but then again, i'm not yet sure if advertising is really my passion.

next to MA, i am also giving law a consideration. in november, there would be LAE. i want to take it just so to know if i can pass it. but i'm thinking of taking it next year after i graduate so that i can give law a deeper thought. because as of now, i think that i'm just attracted to it because i am in a debate organization.

i really don't know what path to take. i can be so many things since i am taking up commart, which is a very versatile course. but then, when we have so many choices, like i have, it is so much harder to weigh things.

all i want when i graduate is to actuallu get out of my parents house, be self supporting and earn a handful that can allow me to go out on weekends and afford a nine west stilletos. is that hard to accomplish?!

maybe it is. especially when you have so many plans and so many possibilities right in front of you.

but as of now, i have no choice but to finish the essay, go to work tomorrow, meet with abe and ji at night and have a whole lot of fun. now that's an easier one.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

i wish i knew how to quit you

sometimes, you just have to give up precious things to have the more precious ones.

recently, i am trying to stop smoking for the very fact that he doesn't like me to do so.

i am trying to make sense of it because i personally don't want to give up smoking because that is one thing that makes me "blythe". it is not the whole of me but still, it is a big part of me. i've been smoking for two years now and i can't easily stop just because someone said so.

but then again, i guess, love got the better of me and i realized that this is what i have to do to get what i long wanted, which is a good relationship with a good guy.

for the first time in my life, someone had the guts to make me stop smoking. after a couple of relationships, finally, someone has true concern for me. he didn't mind being blamed by my friends. he didn't even mind if my friends get angry at him for trying to change my habits.

all he cares for is em. and i really appreciate it. deeply.

it is hard not to smoke specially when everybody around does, but i have to for i might hurt that someone who truly cares for me-that someone that i've looked for for a long time.

smoking may be a big part of me, but for now, he is even more bigger.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


bakit kapag humiling ka talaga, sobra-sobra yung binibigay sau?!


for the past two days, i'm doing nothing but mind my practicum...before, no company would accept me for i've been late in submitting my resume and other requirements, but now, three companies are simultaneously hiring me for practicum jobs...

it's just too much and i think i have to think first before considering those companies...

besides, i only need 180 hours of practicum work...

shux, i need to think twice, and even thrice....

though it's hard to choose, it's kind of flattering for all these companies to be looking for you even if i kow that all they would make me do are clerical works..hehehe...

hope i'll be in the right hands...

hope i'll finish my practicum on time...

hope i'll have fun...

hope i won't turn out as Paris Hilton...the "intern"...hahaha

Sunday, April 30, 2006

graduation blues

yesterday, i watched the graduation rites in UPLB. as usual, it was a very long graduation with aproximately a thousand graduate, but nevertheless, i had fun screaming for my friends who finished college. nagkaroon agad ng instant screaming team ang parliament dahil sa amin na nagpakawalang hiya at sumigaw nang sumigaw para sa mga orgmates na umaakyat sa stage.

it was my first time to witness such that's why i was touched when i saw lots of orgs showing their support for their members who were marching. you can see how tight orgs in UPLB are with all the banners, balloons and paputok that were offered yesterday.

of course, i was particularly proud of my organization, the Parliament, who, despite the small number, screamed their lungs out and took the effort to stand for hours and wait for our orgmates' names to be called. well, that's how it is in the Parliament. That's how we love each other. That's why i love those guys and I know that when it is my turn o march next year (hopefully!), i will see not only banners, and balloons for me, but also fireworks, marching bands, streetdancers, choppers with streamers, billboard size tarps, welcoming committee, etc, etc, etc...

right guys?! hehehe


honestly, i admire the top 1 student of 2006 graduates of UPLB. he was an applied physics student and got an average of 1.14. Shux!! kumusta yun di ba?!

but then, when he delivered his valedictory speech last night, my admiration for him diminished. not only did he delivered his speech blandly, but he also delivered a lame speech. given that he is an applied physics student and that he knows little about speech construction, but for goodness sake, he didn't have to talk about the 1st chapter of The Purpose Driven Life in such an event where people have high expectations of him. His speech turned out to be a synthesis of the 1st chapter of the book.

it was very disappointing for it was such a cliche. i could hear that speech from a high school graduation. for heaven sake, it was a UP graduation ceremony. People there expected something new and inspiring, but what they got was nothing except a speaker with poor diction and a monotonous voice.

forgive me for being so harsh but that is just the way it is. being a UP graduate means that you need only to be good academically but also in other aspects as well. your grades does not solely dictate your future. You must also learn that other things also exist such as social life.

he said in his speech that he is saddened by the fact that he graduaed without knowing his life's purpose. well, just a pice of advise mister, get a life first aside from your acads then proceed to knowing its purpose. ok?

but then again, congratulations!

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